Introduction to Data Mining

Final project

Projects: Suggested Term Projects. Due May 7th, 2007. Project description due by March 27, 2007.

Written Term Projects Reports are due by Monday, May 7. They may be submitted earlier. You should also plan to make a 15-20 minute project presentation to the class during the last two weeks of the semester starting the first or second week of April.

Please turn your written reports into Jiang Du or Edo Liberty. Make sure your name is on the cover sheet and you include an "executive summary" which outlines the problem you addressed, your approach, and a summary of your results/conclusions.

Please send email to us (martin.schultz@yale.edu, mark.gerstein@yale.edu, jiang.du@yale.edu, edo.liberty@yale.edu) by Tuesday March 27 with a one paragraph description of your project. If it is a team project identify all the team members.

If you wish, you can work in teams of 2-4 people. But if you select to do a multi person project, you must accomplish proportionally more than a single person would. Each team may turn in one project report or individual reports. In either case, the team members should be clearly listed on the first page.

The suggested projects in the document above are examples. Some of them are very loosely defined which gives you the opportunity to be creative in driving the projects in directions that you find interesting. You can find many more online materials via Google searches. You may also completely define your own project. For example, you may wish to explore the use of data mining for an appropriate problem of your choice or you may wish to investigate a particular data mining algorithm or implementation.