Course description

Genomics describes the determination of the nucleotide sequence as well as many further analyses used to discover functional and structural gene information on all the genes of an organism. Topics include the methods and results of analysis on a genome-wide scale as well as a discussion of the implications of this research. Bioinformatics describes the computational analysis of gene sequences and protein structures on a large scale. Topics include sequence alignment, biological database design, geometric analysis of protein structure, and macromolecular simulation.


One midterm exam focusing on the genomics section of the course (lectures from March 25 - April 20), two short quizzes covering the Bioinformatics section, and a take-home final exam/project focusing on the bioinformatics section of the course (lectures from January 14 - March 23).

Literature discussion section

One session of 60 minutes per week, time to be arranged. Student presentations of recent research papers relevant to the topics of the course. Led by Raymond Auerbach (Bass, Rm 437; 432-5405; raymond.auerbach@yale.edu) and Lukas Habegger (Bass, Rm 437; 432-5405; lukas.habegger@yale.edu).

Programming Projects

Students taking this course under Computational Biology and Bioinformatics or Computer Science will also be required to complete two short programming assignments. Details of these assignments will be discussed in the literature discussion section.


CBB and CPSC Sections:

Exam: 30%
Final Project: 20%
Bioinformatics Quiz 1: 7.5%
Bioinformatics Quiz 2: 7.5%
Discussion Section: 15%
Programming Assignment #1 10%
Programming Assignment #2 10%

MBB and MCDB Sections:

Exam: 40%
Final Project: 20%
Bioinformatics Quiz 1: 10%
Bioinformatics Quiz 2: 10%
Discussion Section: 20%