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Our Research
We do research in the field of bioinformatics, focusing on 4 main topics: using computation to annotate genome sequences, mine expression datasets and molecular networks, analyze families, and simulate macromolecular structures. [More]

Genomes Genomics: Mining and Annotating Intergenic Regions, especially in relation to Pseudogenes
Pseudogene DB papers, Tiling Tools papers, GeneCensus
Networks Proteomics: Using Networks to Mine Functional Genomics Data & Understand Protein Function
Network Tools papers, Expression Site
PartsList Structural Genomics: Analysis of Folds & Families on a Large Scale
Parts List papers
Motions DB Computational Biophysics: Relating Macromolecular Motions & Packing
MolMovDB papers, Geometry Tools papers

We have a final focus examining how broader societal issues with computation impact biological science—e.g. related to e-publishing papers.
We disseminate our research through published papers, software and web tools, and on-line lectures and courses. (Permissions statement about redistributing website material.)

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