MB&B 452b / 752b, Spring 2005



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Timing and Location

Meeting from 1:00-2:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesday, in Bass 305.


Genomics Section

Bioinformatics Section

Teaching Fellows

Brief Description

Genomics describes the determination of the nucleotide sequence as well as many further analyses used to discover functional and structural gene information on all the genes of an organism. Topics include the methods and results of analysis on a genome-wide scale as well as a discussion of the implications of this research. Bioinformatics describes the computational analysis of gene sequences and protein structures on a large scale. Topics include sequence alignment, biological database design, geometric analysis of protein structure, and macromolecular simulation. [Blue Book Entry]

Rough Outline of Topics

Genomics Section
 Jan 10 DS Genomics: Overview. The Diversity of Life (Life at 110 C, at pH 1, or in 5M salt)
12 DS Genomics: Overview of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
17 Martin Luther King Day (no class)
19 DS Genome Sequencing, Sequence Annotation
24 DS Genomics I (array technologies and uses)
26 DS Functional Genomics II (proteomics)
31 DS Functional Genomics III (Mike Smith)
Feb 02 DS Genomics/Pharma (Klaus Melchers, Altana Pharma)
07 DS Functional Genomics IV (Mike Smith)
09 DS Structural Genomics
14 DS Chemical Genomics / Phylogenomics
16 DS Pharmacogenomics (Madan Kumar, Genaissance)
21 MG

Midterm Exam (covering lectures through February 16)

23 MG Bioinfomatics: Overview
28 MG Analysis of Sequences I
Mar 02 MG Analysis of Sequences II
21 MG Analysis of Sequences III
23 DS Metabolomics (Sunil Kochhar, Néstle)
28 MG Analysis of Sequences IV
30 MG Structures
Apr 04 MG Demonstration of Web Resources
06 MG Surveys I
11 MG Surveys II: Whole Genome Comparisons
13 MG Datamining
18 MG Simulation
20 MG Summary: Industrial Perspectives

Work Required and Grading


Research Jobs in Bioinformatics

If you're really motivated, take a look at http://bioinfo.mbb.yale.edu/jobs.

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